the many and varied and shifting meanings of music in the life of each and all

how when did music begin? chicken egg does it matter? would seem to predate evolution of language. rooted in the ability to hear, sense vibrations. music external to the humyn--wind blowing through leaves, rain dropping on lake, water flowing over rocks, deer running, bee buzzing, thunder clapping, birdsong yeah, etc. music internal to the humyn--pulse, breath, fluids in motion, vocalization grunts and shouts and emotions hum a plenty. somewhere along the way sing-song…and dance. and the creation of instruments sticks on sticks, rocks on rocks…meeting the emergence of the basic crafts working with the elements of wood, water, air, earth, fire, stone, metal. technological developments and the ability to transmit sound (cups and strings) and record sound (wax) coupled with appearance of music as a product and an industry (monie$-go-round). all acknowledged and assimilated via the ongoing shifts and changes of cultural and biological evolution.

today, in now times, people have access to almost any music they want and more. and for the most part, this music can be accessed instantaneously and often for free. this is awesome, amazing, yes. a potent and powerful tool and gift. this is a good thing for the persyn who wants to listen/experience music. and for me this is what i have craved. this drive has not changed ever since i discovered music and music discovered me--though there have been waxes and wanes in the need, desire, and ability to do such.

what all this means exactly is much commentary and speculation and not really that important to me. what is important to me = aside from relationships to people, music has supported me like nothing else. this was true in high school as i was struggling to be in the world and discovering the seemingly boundless universe of music. this was true in college as i was exploring me. this was true in the last year as i was adapting to the death and loss of my mother.

and my relationship with music continues to grow. one of the major shifts for me in the last decade has been my persynal involvement in playing and creating music and sharing this playing and creating with others. i now find myself an active participant in my own support and creative expression. and i now have the opportunity to play and listen to vital music created by people i am in relationship with. ringing live. the magik and transformation occurs right before my eyes and ears and whole being. for this i am grateful and blessed. and thru it all, the music of others i have never met but feel connected to delivers truth and bountiful goodness. <3

...i am we. animal humyn life alive. a creator and createe. evolving and growing. moving and changing. engaging the world inside and outside. expansive. blessings abounding. fresh and raw possibilities. struggling against stagnation and anti-life energies. senses sensing a reality real. pulsing passion. on the path of the heart. nurturing and breathing the truth potente and vital...

billy conde goldman - musical feedback

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